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View Product and Tick Tables

The Tick Table and Product Table reflect the parameters set by the exchange and help to determine a product’s minimum tick size. The Tick Table contains the upper price range for which a multiplier in ticks will be used with the Product Table’s base tick value in order to determine the tick size.

Note: Blank fields or zeros are interpreted as having no limits assigned by TT.

To view the Tick and Product Tables:

Click the Tools menu, and select View Product Table.

Note: You can view the Product Table at any time. However, in version 7.17 or higher, editing the Product Table requires a TT User Setup Super Administrative login ID. In versions earlier than 7.17, editing the Product Table requires a TT Administrative login ID. TTADM-XXX-<anything> and TTRISK-XXX-<anything> are the only risk administrators who always have access to all product tables. All other risk administrators can access only those Product Tables that match the market to which they are logged in.

Each exchange has two Product Tables (one for Production and another for Simulation). The appropriate table displays based on the current Guardian mode (Production or Simulation). Each exchange has a separate Product Table. Use the exchange list located at the top of the window to select the appropriate exchange.

The following information is displayed in the Product Table:


ProductDisplays the name of the product (e.g. FGBL, ODAX, etc.) that a trader can trade.
TypeDisplays the type of product (e.g. futures, options, spreads, etc.) that a trader can trade.
AliasDisplays the product as it appears in X_TRADER®.
DescriptionDescribes products without a symbol (i.e., bonds).
MarginSets the margin value of the product. When writing this value to the product table, Guardian multiples the number you enter by 100 to account for decimals and internal application uses.
Point ValueDetermines the value of one price point. After you enter the point value, Guardian automatically calculates the number of decimals needed to support that value. The default is 2. However, Guardian supports no more than 5 decimals. Therefore, a point value such as 10.123456 will be reduced to 10.12345.
Round LotDefines the  value used to determine the default quantity for the up and down arrows in X_TRADER®.
CurrencyDefines the currency of the traded product (e.g. USD = United States Dollar).
Tick TableDisplays a tick table to calculate tick size; you can create or edit tick tables from the Product Table window
Price FormatControls the way prices display (decimal or fractional) in X_TRADER®.
NumDefines the numerator. See below.
DenomDefines the denominator. The numerator is divided by the denominator to calculate the base tick value. The base tick value is then multiplied by the value in the Tick Table Ticks column to determine the product’s tick size.

You use the Override button for Overriding Product Table Settings