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Guardian Documentation

View Status

The View Status option reduces network traffic that results from status packets sent from an order router(s) and displayed in Guardian. The View Status feature gives an administrator the option of requesting a status display, thereby reducing the flow of order router traffic.

Essentially, as a result of the view status enhancement, Guardian does not show order router nodes in the display until a "View Status" command is issued. When such a command occurs, Guardian displays order router and trader information for approximately 30 seconds, at which time Guardian removes the order router information from the display.

To view order router status:

  1. After performing an Admin login, highlight the IP Address in the exchanges tree associated with the fill server(s) for which you wish to view status.
  2. On the Tool menu, click View Status.

    The status display of the fill server(s) will change as illustrated below (after View Status initiates):

    Note: By default, the fill server status, as requested by an administrator, disappears after 30 seconds (Guardian's timeout period).

    The color of the Order Router icon provides an overall status of the order router.

    • The Order Router has established an API connection initiated by the client application. Note: Applies to LIFFE Connect Gateways.
    • The Order Router has established a connection to the exchange initiated by initial TT Gateway start-up. Note: Applies to all other TT Gateways.
    Half green/ half yellow

    The Order Router is initializing or in a ready mode, (i.e., ready to connect to the exchange when a trader logs in). Note: Applies to LIFFE Connect Gateways.