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Configuring Local WAN Router Settings

You configure local and network settings in the WAN Router Setup dialog box.

To configure local settings on your WAN Router:

  1. Access the TTM WAN Router Setup dialog box.
  2. If this is a Network WAN Router, in the Router Use section, in the Multicast Domain box, type the unique multicast domain for that network segment.

    Note: All WAN Routers in this segment must share this multicast domain.

  3. If this WAN Router will not broadcast production data, clear the Production option.
  4. If this WAN Router will broadcast simulation data, click the Simulation option.
  5. In the Local IP Address list, click the IP Address of the NIC card you use to WAN Route.
  6. If you want to use the nagle algorithm when sending your price data over TCP, skip to the next step.


    Select the Price TCP No Delay option.

    • For effects on latency and bandwidth, refer to the description for the Prices TCP No Delay setting.
    • For TT recommendations on setup, refer to the Note in the description for Prices TCP No Delay.
  7. If you want this WAN Router to accept all incoming connection requests, regardless of whether the request comes from a listed Neighbor, click Accept any.

    Note: If you do not select this option, the WAN Router accepts connections only from WAN Routers in the Neighbors list. You cannot select this option if you are setting up a Personal Wan Router.

  8. When you are done configuring your WAN Router, click OK.


    Leave the dialog box open for the next procedure called To add a WAN Router to the Neighbors list.