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Heartbeats Documentation

Heartbeats and the TT Trading System

Guardian and Guard Server

Guardian and Guard Server use a system of heartbeats with the various components of the TT Trading System to:

  • Enable client machines to monitor each TT Gateway or server product (i.e., X_RISK® or X_ADMIN™) on the trading network
  • Enable client machines to monitor each gateway server component (Price Server, Order Server, etc.)

    Although considered a server component, Order Routers do not automatically produce heartbeats. Instead, Order Routers produce a heartbeat only when a TT Administrator selects the View Status option in the Guardian context menu. The user must first select the TT Gateway (either at the IP Address level or lower) for which they want to View Status.

  • Help maintain connections between client and server machines
  • Communicate general status between Guardian and Guard Server

WAN Routing

If Guardian is set up for WAN Routing, it sends an additional heartbeat across the network. This heartbeat communicates the status of the WAN Router. Instances of Guardian that receive this heartbeat display the status of the WAN Router as green in the Guardian window. WAN Routers also use the heartbeat for purposes of failover. For a discussion on WAN Routing failover, refer to the TT Trading Systems - Network Administration Manual.

For a detailed explanation of how Guardian and the Guard Server process heartbeats, refer to Heartbeat Process.