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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Purge Trade Data

You use the purge data option to permanently remove old trade data from the database.When enabling purge functionality, you have the option to designate the number of days that historical fills remain in the database. For example, using the 60 day default value, each day the fills from the 61st day will be removed from the database.

In addition, on the HFS Configuration Client window you have the option to set the time of day at which historical fill data is purged.

Note: TT recommends that you not purge data during peak trading hours as it can impact performance

To purge trade data:

  1. 1. On your Desktop, double-click the HFS Configuration Client icon. The HFS Configuration Client window displays.

  2. In the Purge settings section, click the Allow Purging checkbox.
  3. In the Keep_days of Data field, type the number of days you wish fill data to remain in the database. The default number of days is 60.
  4. In the Purging Time field, type the time of day at which you want fill data purged. The default time is 00:00:00.
  5. Click the Save button.