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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Start HFS/Set TTChron

To manually start HFS:

  1. From the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and then select Component Services
  2. Find TT Guardian, TT Guardian Control and TT Messaging in the Services list. If they are not already started, right-click on each of them and select Start from the context menu.
  3. Find TT Historical Fill Server in the Services list. Right-click on it and select Startfrom the context menu

TTChron manages start and stop times for TT server services. For TTChron to function, you must modify the ttchron.ini file.

To modify the ttchron.ini file:

  1. From the <root drive>:tt directory, double-click the ttchron.ini file. The ttchron.ini file displays and includes scheduling data for running HFS.

  2. In the [win32-svc-histfillserver] section, ensure the #SCHEDULE line is set to SMTWR@16:35-16:30/1 or to your preferred schedule.
  3. Uncomment the schedule line by removing the # (pound) sign.
  4. From the File menu, click Save.