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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Upgrade from prior HFS versions

When upgrading from an earlier Historical Fill Server version there is no need to perform an uninstall procedure prior to performing the standard upgrade procedure.

To upgrade from a prior HFS version to HFS 7.5:

  1. Ensure you have obtained the appropriate HFS license.
  2. Double-click the HFS7.5 installation executable.
  3. Follow Steps 2-7 of the Install Historical Fill Server procedure above.
  4. Upgrade the database. Follow the steps of the Create or Upgrade the Central Databaseprocedure in Chapter 3, Historical Fill Server Configuration.

Note: If you are upgrading from HFS 7.3.0, the Database User Name in the HFS Configuration Client should be updated to HFSAdmin with a Database Password of 12345678. In addition, if HFS is configured using Gateway Logins (MGTs) as opposed to a Universal Login, you must add passwords to the existing Gateway Logins. For configuration instructions refer to the Configure HFS Client section of Chapter 3.