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HKEx Gateway Documentation

Initial Configuration

Time and Time Zone

Set the machine that hosts the HKEx Gateway to run in (GMT+8:00) Hong Kong Standard Time zone.

Member, Group, and Trader ID Format

Each TTORD trader must be mapped to a direct trader’s account. If a TTORD trader submits a trade with a different account, the HKEx Gateway rejects the transaction. When mapping proxy (TTORD) traders to a direct Exchange trader’s account, you must use the following conventions:

  • Member: TTORD
  • Group: TTT (User-defined)
  • Trader: 001 (User-defined)

Order and Site Order Keys

HKEx Gateways install with the following default Site Order Key range: 0R0000-0RZZZZ.

[Global] section in HostInfo.cfg



# Configure any global parameters here.

The [Global] section of the hostinfo.cfg includes hidden parameters that should not be configured unless you first contact your TAM or TT Support.

The following list shows the default value and behavior of the hidden parameters in this section:

  • PollingInverval - By default, the gateway waits the following time before requesting new data from the Exchange after receiving a “no new broadcast” message:
  • HeartbeatInterval - The maximum amount of time, in seconds, between heartbeats before the Exchange logs out the order session: 8 seconds
  • LogLevel - OM Gateways behave as if set to “Normal” (logs important and normal messages).