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HKEx Gateway Documentation

Verifying Connectivity


The TT Gateway installation package distributed by TT includes an Exchange-provided login test tool utility: APITSTLogin.exe. This utility installs in <root drive>:ttExchange-Flavor. You must run this executable from a command prompt.


Prior to running the login test tool utility, ensure that no one is logged in using the userID you wish to test with. If the test is completed with a user ID that is in use, you will successfully log into the Exchange, but the trader will be logged off.

Connectivity Test

To test API login:

  1. On the Start menu, point to Programs, and then click Command Prompt.
  2. Type: apitstlogin.exe UserName Password Gateway Port
    • UserName is the trader’s userID.
    • Password is the trader’s password to connect to HKEx.
    • Gateway is the IP address of the HKEx Gateway.
    • Port is the port number of the HKEx Gateway.

    Example API Login Test

    apitstlogin.exe TTO31P23 4cdt3 5001

Failed Connectivity Test

If the connectivity test fails, you will receive the following message: Error (-2012) Reason : system error occured on ‘connect’

If you receive this message, check the command line for incorrect typing. Alternatively, the Exchange host may be down or off-line.


Contact the Exchange if you are unable to perform a successful connectivity test.

Successful Connectivity Test

If the connectivity test is a success, you will receive the following response:

Example Successful Connectivity Test Response

C:ttHKEx> apitstlogin.exe TTO31A23 4cdt3 5001

Logging in user.. Success

Getting user info.. Success

User Info:



Country ID: SG

Getting facility id EP0.. Success

EP0 Facility 720

Logging out user..

Closing API session..

Once your connectivity test is successful, the UserName, Password, Gateway, and Port may be used in the Exchange-Flavorhostinfo.cfg as TTO, PriceServer, or TTF settings.