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HKEx Gateway Documentation

Configuring Giveup Orders


HKEx Gateways support Giveup/mutual offset allocation of orders.

Multi-Firm Configuration

Customers wishing to submit Giveup orders must perform the following actions:

  • Select Account type as either G1 or G2 in the X_TRADER® Market Grid window.
  • Specify the Customer Identity (e.g., S999, C999) in the FFT2 field

    Customers can also create an X_TRADER® Customer Defaults profile with the Account Type=G2, Giveup, and FFT3. If the Giveup and FFT3 fields are not specified correctly, the HKEx Gateway will reject the Giveup order with appropriate error messages.

  • Specify the Carrying Participant Code (e.g., 12400) in the Giveup field.

Giveup Order Processing

The gateway supports placing Giveup orders. When placing a Giveup order for a “Client” account, G1 should be used as the Account type. When placing a Giveup order for a “House” account, G2 should be used as the Account type.

Customers should populate the “Giveup” field in X_TRADER® with the Carrying Participant Code (five-digit code set by the Securities Code Committee - e.g., 12400).

The FFT3 field in X_TRADER® should be set with the Customer Identification Number.

The Order Server shall reject the order for which Account Type=G1/G2/U1/U2 if any of the following fields are blank:

  • Giveup
  • FFT3

For a Giveup order, the Order Server will always send “OX” in the GIVE_UP_MEMBER/Name, Country (country_id_s) OM API field.