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ICE Gateway Documentation

Verifying Connectivity


Once you have established your trading environment, you should verify Exchange connectivity using the method listed below.

Telnet and Ping Tests

You can verify Exchange connectivity by telnet testing each of the IP addresses and ports that ICE distributes. You do not need to perform a ping test to verify connectivity.

To telnet the Exchange:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type Telnet IP:Port where IP is the connection IP address and Port is the connection port value forwarded from the Exchange.
  3. Repeat Step 2 with each connection address.

TT Listen Tools

TT ICE Listen (named tt_ice_listen.exe and available in Version 7.13 and higher) listens to the price data that the ICE Gateway sends. You use this tool to display the price data as plain text messages.

This tool exists in the <root drive>:ttExchange-Flavor directory.

Because this tool receives price data before the Price Server processes it, you can use it as a troubleshooting tool to compare actual price messages against what the Price Server broadcasts.