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ICE Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section includes additional information related to Order and Fill Server behavior.

Order Types

The ICE Gateway supports Immediate or Cancel (IOC), Good til Cancel (GTC), and Fill or Kill (FOK) order types; however, you must enter them as Limit Orders in X_TRADER®.

The following table lists the orders supported natively by the ICE Gateway.

Supported Order Types
SupportOrder Types

Native (Exchange supports)

Market GTD (on futures only)

Limit FOK

Limit IOC

Limit GTD

Limit GTC

Stop Limit Orders

  • Stop Limit Orders are only supported in ICE Gateways Version 7.3.4 and higher.
  • The Exchange rejects orders that are sent as Market GTC.
  • Limit GTC orders for all spreads except crack spreads are supported.
  • ICE rejects Market orders with IOC, GTC, and FOK qualifiers for NYE Liffe products migrated to the ICE platform.