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ICE Gateway Documentation

Exchange Background, Interface, and Restrictions

Exchange Background

In May 2000, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) was established, with its founding shareholders representing some of the world’s largest energy traders.

ICE's primary trade matching engine for all OTC and Futures products is based in the ICE Chicago data center. The original Atlanta-based data center now functions as a disaster recovery (DR) site.

Additionally, ICE has regional network connection hubs that are located in key areas worldwide. At present, ICE has hubs located in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, and in Singapore.

Required Connection Information

Before you can install a ICE Gateway, you must work with the Exchange to complete the following:

  • Obtain a unique User ID for each direct trader connecting to the Exchange.
  • Obtain a unique set of connection information for the Price Server.
  • Obtain a unique set of connection information for the Order Server. This set includes a FIX Order connection IP address and port number.
  • Obtain new TT FIX Order connection and iMpact Price connection IDs from the Exchange. In order for older ICE Gateway IDs to function, they must be permissioned by the Exchange.

Exchange API Interface

ICE Gateways support ICE’s iMpact Market Data API.

Exchange Restriction: Dual Logins

Due to Exchange limitations, traders can only log into one TT Gateway at a time. In the case of multiple sessions, traders can only log into one session at a time. The Exchange allows dual logins if the second login is for their proprietary front-end screen (WebICE).

Review the following considerations prior to logging into the Exchange:

  • For ICE Gateways Version 7.12 and below, TT strongly recommends that users do not log into a ICE Gateway and WebICE using the same Trader ID at the same time. A number of issues relating to missing fills and missing orders have been identified as a result of a dual login. As of Version 7.13, the Gateway will auto-login traders who have working GTC orders, which mitigates many of the risks associated with dual-login.
  • Trader IDs remain logged in at the Exchange after a user exits X_TRADER®. As a result, TT recommends that users do not use the same Trader ID on both the ICE Gateway and WebICE in a single trading day, even if the ID is not logged into both systems concurrently.
  • Users who wish to retain the ability to delete orders through WebICE should set up a Super User account.
  • TT recommends that users who wish to trade through WebICE and the ICE Gateway concurrently use two distinct Trader IDs.