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ICE Gateway Documentation

File Management


The Order Server creates audit files that contain order and fill information. Located in the <root drive>:ttauditfiles directory, the audit files follow the naming convention: Exchange-Flavor_YYYY-MM-DD.cba where DD is the two-digit day, MM is the two-digit month, and YYYY is the four-digit year.

You can use the audit_convert.exe program to convert the audit file into a comma-separated value file (.csv) that works with most spreadsheet applications. The program can convert either a single file or all audit files in a directory.

Converting Audit Files

To convert a single audit file:

  1. Open a Command window.
  2. Type: audit_convert.exe absolutefilename

    Where absolutefilename is the path and filename of the audit file you want to convert.

    Example Single Audit File

    audit_convert.exe c:ttauditfilesICE_IPE-A_2014-11-08.cba /Format ice

  3. To close the Console window, type Exit.

To convert multiple audit files:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type audit_convert.exe directory Exchange-Flavor


    • directory is the location of your audit files
    • Exchange-Flavor is the name of the TT Gateway that produced the audit files

    Example Audit Files on a ICE-A Gateway

    audit_convert.exe c:ttauditfiles ICE_IPE-A /Format ice

  3. To close the Console window, type Exit.