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ICE Gateway Documentation

Installing via the Graphic User Interface


Depending on the environment of the machine on which you install the TT Gateway, you may receive several information or question prompt boxes. If a task discusses such a prompt box, and you do not receive the prompt box, skip to the next step.

Installing the TT Gateway Software via the GUI Interface

To install the ICE Gateway:

  1. Run the ICE Gateway setup.

    The License Agreement dialog box displays.

  2. Read the End User License Agreement.
  3. To accept the license agreement and continue with the installation, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

    The Setup Type dialog box appears with the option to Install Now or Customize.

    If this is the first TT product installed on this machine, the Install Now option installs the ICE Gateway to the c:tt directory by default.

    If the installation detects previously installed TT products, the Install Now option installs the ICE Gateway in the same directory as your other TT products.

    • To install the ICE Gateway into the default directory, select Install Now and click Next. Skip to Step 5.
    • To install the ICE Gateway in a custom directory, select Customize and continue with the step below.
  4. The Customize Destination Folders dialog box appears.
  5. Click the drive letter onto which you want to install the TT ICE Gateway.
  6. Click Next.

    The Browse to aconfig.xml dialog box appears.

    • If this is the first TT product on your TT Trading System, continue with Step this step.
    • If you provide an aconfig.xml file, skip to Step 8.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Yes, and skip to Step 9.

    A Confirmation prompt appears asking you whether you want to continue.

  9. Click Yes, and continue to Step 9.

    Your ICE Gateway installs with its customized aconfig.xml. For information on how the TT system replicates aconfig.xml across your TT system, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual Version 7.X.

  10. The Available Exchange Names dialog box displays with a list of ICE Gateway flavors (i.e., Exchange-Flavors).

    Click the flavor (i.e., Exchange-Flavor) that you want your TT Gateway to display in Guardian.

    To trade on the TT Gateway, traders must log into this TT Gateway flavor (i.e., Exchange-Flavor). This flavor (i.e., Exchange-Flavor) appears in Guardian’s tree of exchanges.

  11. To continue the installation, click Next.

    The InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog appears:

  12. To complete the installation and reboot your computer, click FinishReboot Now.