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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an administrator allow multiple versions to run in the same environment?

Yes. Version rules can be configured on a per user basis to run any version that meets the TT minimum version.

Do I have to perform all updates as soon as they are available?

It depends on how your version rules are configured by your administrator. “Reject Login” will prevent you from logging in until you perform the upgrade. “Warn User” will notify you of versions that you can optionally skip if desired.

What happens if I skip an update?

You can continue to use your current version as long as it meets the version rules established by your administrator.

Can I revert to a previous version?

Yes. The administrator can modify the version rules to an earlier version, as long as the previous version is still supported by TT and available in the cloud.

Can I roll out a new release in phases and/or test a new release before full deployment?

Yes. The administrator can setup version rules for deploying the new release to limited sets of users. This allows a firm to conduct their own User Acceptance Testing (UAT), stress testing, etc. prior to production release.

Can an administrator update a user’s client application themselves?

Yes. The administrator can login with either the user’s credentials or their own and update the application on the workstation.

Note: The administrator must properly configure the version rules in TT User Setup before updating a user’s workstation.

Can I switch to a Beta version of TT software?

Yes, as long as the firm signs the updated Beta Agreement and configures version rules that allow access to that version. However, you cannot run both beta and production software on the same machine at the same time.

How large are the software downloads?

TT Update uses compressed packages for the software updates. The download size varies, but typically should be approximately 50 MB.

How do I repackage an installation?

The TT Update application itself is the only software package that can be repackaged if desired. Once the TT Update package is deployed, the actual client application software files are downloaded directly to the end user's workstation from the cloud.

What if I do not use TT Update?

TT intends to provide traditional .msi-based installation packages for X_TRADER, X_RISK and TT User Setup client in parallel with the “TT Update only” cloud-based packages for an undetermined amount of time.

While we expect to provide parallel packages for months, the exact time frame as to when the .msi packages will no longer be provided will be determined based on future release schedules.