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Installation And Initial Setup Documentation

Before You Begin


The information contained in this topic describes those procedures common to installing and setting up all TT Gateways. For this reason, it includes only information common to all TT Gateways. For procedures and tasks specific to the TT Gateway you are installing, refer to that TT Gateway’s SAM.

Auxiliary TT Components

Auxiliary TT Components




All TT Gateways install with Guardian. You use Guardian to configure trader risk parameters, product setup, network communication, and other administrative tasks.

  • For Guardian network and WAN Routing settings, refer to the TT Trading Systems - Network Administration Manual.
  • For information on other Guardian functionality, refer to the Guardian Help.


All TT applications install with and use TTM middleware. For further detail on TTM, refer to the TT Trading Systems - Network Administration Manual.


You need not make any changes to X_TRADER® workstations when installing a TT Gateway. After you install and start a TT Gateway, X_TRADER® workstations immediately begin to receive multicasts from the TT Gateway. If the TTM daemon on the X_TRADER® machine listens to the same multicast address that the TT Gateway uses, Guardian on that machine lists the TT Gateway as active. For additional information on multicasting and multicast addresses, refer to the TT Trading Systems - Network Administration Manual.

Although useful for troubleshooting, you do not need to load X_TRADER® software onto the TT Gateway server.

TT User Setup

Universal Login

TT recommends that you manage your trader and TT Administrator logins using TT User Setup’s Universal Login. To set up Universal Login, you must install a TT User Setup Server and TT User Setup client in your trading environment. For further details on setting up TT User Setup components, refer to the TT User Setup System Administration Manual.