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Participating in a Mock Trading Session


The Exchange often requires their customers to participate in mock trading sessions to test and verify new products, features, or functionality added to their electronic trading platform. The Exchange typically conducts mock trading on a Saturday.

Before You Begin

Verify your gateway and network connectivity to the exchange and clients before starting the mock trading session.

Setting Up a TT Gateway for Mock Trading

The following procedure includes generic instructions for setting up a TT Gateway for mock trading.


If you received a TT Customer Advisory (CA) specifically for your mock trading session, use the instructions in the CA instead of the procedure in this section.

To set up a TT Gateway for mock trading

  1. After Friday’s scheduled TT Gateway shutdown and prior to starting the gateway on Saturday for the mock session, do the following:
    • Ensure that all TT servers are stopped.
    • Back up the <drive letter>:ttdatfiles directory.
  2. In order to reset exchange sequence numbers, delete all gateway files whose name starts with your gateway flavor from the original datfiles directory (e.g., <drive letter>:ttdatfiles<EXCHANGE_FLAVOR>*).
  3. On Saturday, start the TT Gateway for the Mock Trading session.

    Since TTChron might not be configured to run on Saturdays, you must stop TTChron on the TT Gateway and start various TT Gateway services manually.

  4. To start the TT Gateway prior to mock trading, do the following:

    • Access Windows Services on the TT Gateway.
    • Stop TTChron
    • Start the Guard Server, Price Server, Order Server, Fill Server, and Order Router (Eurex Gateway 7.16) services.
    • Start the Order Routers (if applicable) by entering the following parameters in the command line:
      • For NYSE Liffe U.S., TFX, and TSE Gateways, enter: <drive letter>:tt<EXCHANGE_FLAVOR>orderrouter.exe NOSVC –e <EXCHANGE_FLAVOR>
      • For Eurex Gateway (7.15 and lower), enter: <drive letter>:tt<EXCHANGE_FLAVOR>OTCRouter.exe NOSVC –e <EXCHANGE_FLAVOR>
  5. At the completion of the mock trading session, stop the TT Gateway and restore the backed-up files by doing the following:
    • Stop all TT services.
    • Rename the current datfiles directory to <drive letter>:ttdatfiles.mock-trading
    • Copy the backed-up datfiles to the <drive letter>:ttdatfiles directory.
    • Restart TTChron, which will bring up all other TT services according to the regular configuration schedule.

TT Customer Support

Technical Account Managers (TAMs) generally provide support for mock trading sessions. If you require assistance, please contact your local TAM.The TT Customer Support Center (CSC) may also be available on Saturdays for mock trading support (refer to your CA, if applicable). The CSC contact information is as follows:

  • Toll-free (in the U.S.): 877 424 8844
  • Chicago: +1 312 476 1002
  • London: +44 20 7621 8181
  • Singapore: +65 6395 7002
  • Sydney: + 61 (0) 2 8022 1702
  • Tokyo: + 81 (0) 3 4577 8302