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Installation And Initial Setup Documentation

Post Installation

Testing Configuration and Starting TTChron

After installing and configuring your TT Gateway, you should test your TT Gateway startup.


This procedure will fail if you have not configured connectivity to the exchange or if you test startup outside established trading hours.

If this is a TT CME Gateway, refer to the installation chapter in the appropriate TT CME Gateways SAM for details on performing exchange connectivity tests. You must perform and pass these tests before continuing with this section of the TT Gateway installation.


To ensure accurate start up of the TT Gateway, you must set TTChron for automatic startup and leave it running.

To test startup of the TT Gateway and starting TTChron:

  1. On the Desktop, double-click Start Guardian.
  2. On the Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Administrative Tools.
  4. Double-click Services.
  5. In the order listed below, scroll through the Services (Local) list to locate a service, right-click it, and then click Start.
    • TT Guardian Server
    • TT exchangename Price Server
    • TT exchangename Order Server
    • TT exchangename Fill Server
    • TT Key Server
  6. Open the Guardian window.
  7. In the exchange-tree view, navigate to the TT Gateway that you are testing, and verify that the servers start successfully (when started successfully, they display as green in Guardian).
  8. In the Services dialog box, scroll through the Services (Local) list to locate TT Chron, right-click it, and then click Start.

    TTChron will now manage the TT server components according to their schedule in ttchron.ini. Your TT Gateway is now active and ready to support trading at the times set in TTChron.

Testing Fill Server Startup

You need to test the Fill Server startup in particular only when you:

  • Change the time settings in the machine’s Operating System at a later date (i.e., after you install and run the TT Gateway normally).
  • Change the time settings in aconfig_local.xml (for details, refer to ).

To test Fill Server startup:

  1. Start the TT Gateway.
  2. Perform an administrator login (i.e., TTADMXXX001).

    Refer to . Leave Guardian open.

  3. In the Exchanges tree, navigate to the TT Gateway on which you made changes.
  4. To view the TT Gateway components, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the TT Gateway.
  5. Right-click the FILL SERVER component, and then click View Status.
  6. In the Status column, locate the parameter called ExchLocalTime. Verify that the time displayed matches the time at which the exchange runs.

    If these times do not match, the Fill Server can fail. Possible causes for mismatches in time include:

    • The machine time is not set to the correct time for the timezone in which the machine is set to run.
    • StandardBias and/or DaylightBias in the aconfig_local.xml file are not set to the appropriate bias for the exchange.
    • StandardStart and/or DaylightStart in the aconfig_local.xml file are not set to the correct dates for the exchange.

    If you encounter difficulties in correcting this issue, call the TT Help Desk.

Refer to the following documents for additional information on TT Gateway installations:

  • The SAM specific to the TT Gateway that you want to install
  • TT Trading Systems - Network Administration Manual
  • Guardian Help