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Order Server Startup Command Line Parameter


You can use a command line parameter when starting up the Order Server. You can use this option in a command window, ttchron.ini, and in the Services dialog box.

Parameter Description

Currently, the TT LME Gateway supports using the following parameter to start the Order Server:

Command Line Parameter

This tells the Order Server to reset the sequence numbers for a member’s FIX Order Session on the TT LME Gateway.

  • To reset a specific member’s FIX session, use the format: OrderServer.exe -r <Member>
  • In a multi-session configuration, use the format: OrderServer.exe -r <Member1> <Member2> <Member6>
  • To reset all FIX sessions, use the format: OrderServer.exe -r all

The Member value is based off the Member parameter configured in the hostinfo.cfg file.