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LME Gateway Documentation

Routing to the Exchange

Exchange GUI

LME offers a front-end application called LME Select GUI, which is available to Category 1 and 2 members.


TT connects to LME via the LME Select FIX environment.

Exchange-Provided Servers

TT LME Gateways reside between the client network and an exchange machine called a LME Select FIX Gateway. Although this device is usually situated at the client site, LME keeps it separated from the client network by a NAT router or firewall. LME provides and manages all Routers and LME Select FIX Gateways. To complete the installation of the TT Gateway, you need the resolved IP address of this LME Select FIX Gateway.

You can route multiple TT LME Gateways through a single LME Select FIX Gateway.