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LSE Gateway Documentation

Account Code Mapping


For LSE, all submitted orders must contain an account type that is mapped to an exchange account code. The account type entered in X_TRADER® for an order action is mapped to an account code that is sent to LSE. The exchange rejects any order submitted without an account code.

Also, the LSE Gateway rejects any order submitted with an invalid account type. The mapping of account types to account codes is not configurable on the LSE Gateway.

Account Code Mapping Table

LSE Gateways use the following default exchange account code mapping:

LSE Account Code Mapping
TT Account TypeLSE Account Code

Account Code Mapping

A1: First Agent

1: Customer


P1: First Principal

2: House


M1: First Market Maker

4: Market Maker


U1: Unknown

5: Non-Segregated Client


Account Numbers


User account numbers must not exceed twelve (12) characters in length. If their account numbers exceed the twelve-character limit, the LSE Gateway will reject their orders.

LSE restricts account numbers to a maximum length of twelve characters. For account numbers less than twelve characters, the gateway pads the account number field with additional spaces and sends the account number to the exchange.