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Maintenance Documentation

Maintaining the Trading Environment


Like any important piece of computer hardware or software package, you should create a frequent maintenance schedule for your TT Gateway servers.

Chapter Topics

This chapter discusses the following topics specific to maintaining TT software on a TT server machine:

  • Log File Management
  • Hardware / Software Maintenance (system backups, third-party devices, server optimization)

Managing Log Files

During operation, the TT Gateways continuously generate log files, several of which can grow fairly large in size and can become a problem if you do not delete them. TT recommends that you delete all log files older than a month on a regular basis. The only directory containing TT log files that need to be deleted is <root drive>:ttlogfiles.

By default, TT Gateways install with TTChron scheduled to run TTClean to delete all log files older than 10 days.

Specific TT Gateways can require software packages distributed by the host exchange. These packages can also generate log files that you need to manage. To see if your TT Gateway generates additional log files, refer to its SAM.