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Market Price Feed Documentation

Pre-Installation Considerations

MPF Version Requirements

All TT client and server applications must run on an MPF-compatible version of TT software.


All mapped TT Gateways and the MPF Server use standard TT Gateway licenses. Price Proxy does not require a TT license.

Client Configuration

You do not need to configure client applications. Mapped TT Gateway(s) forward client application requests automatically to the appropriate MPF Server based upon the settings in the priceproxy.ini file resident on the mapped TT Gateway.

Pre-Installation Tasks

Before converting your system to support MPF, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Identify all machines that you want to include in the MPF setup, including:
    • One MPF Server per market (identify two MPF Servers to support hot failover)
    • Mapped TT Gateways (to support order and fill sessions)
    • All client machines (i.e., X_TRADER machines)
  • Obtain the Price Proxy installation setup package
  • Determine the exchange-flavor of the MPF Server. You need this exchange-flavor to configure the priceproxy.ini file on your mapped TT Gateways.