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Migrating an MPF Environment to Support Product Splitting


You can migrate from Price Proxy 7.14.x or 7.15.x to Price Proxy 7.16.0. MPF Servers, mapped TT Gateways, and standalone servers can be any gateway application version that supports MPF and Price Proxy. For more deployment details, refer to Deployment.

Migration Procedure


The migration is done once, and it should be done at a time that is best for your particular trading environment. However, TT recommends that you perform this migration during non-trading hours. Ideally, you should begin these steps following the close of the last trading day prior to migration and complete them over the course of the subsequent weekend.

To migrate an MPF environment to support product splitting

  1. Upgrade Price Proxy on all mapped TT Gateways or standalone servers to Price Proxy 7.16.0.
  2. Upgrade all TT Clients to their minimum supported versions. Refer to TT Client Version Requirements.
  3. Configure the MPF Servers as needed. Refer to Configuring the MPF Price Server for Product Splitting.
  4. Configure Price Proxy for the following:
  5. Restart the following services and clients in order:
    1. MPF Price Servers

      In a server farm environment, TT recommends staggering the start times to ensure proper product and contract downloads if trading hours allow for the extra time.


      TT recommends that all MPF Price Servers restart and go active before restarting Price Proxies

    2. Price Proxies
    3. TT Clients (in any order)

      If you do not upgrade all TT Clients in your trading environment to their minimum supported versions to support Product Splitting, these clients will not work properly after the reconfigured Price Proxy 7.16.0 or their related Price Servers are restarted.