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Market Price Feed Documentation

Configuring the Price Proxy Failover Priority


When two Price Proxies in a failover pair disconnect and then reconnect, both Price Proxies may attempt to become primary. When this happens, the Price Proxy with the higher priority becomes the primary Price Proxy and the Price Proxy with the lower priority reverts to standby. Priority is determined by the priority_id parameter (with the higher priority becoming primary). If the priority_id parameters are missing or set to zero, priority is determined by the last three octets of IP address (with the higher IP address becoming primary).

The priority_id parameter is set to 0 by default on all Price Proxies.


To prevent both Price Proxies in a failover pair from becoming active or standby at the same time, make sure to assign each Price Proxy a different priority.

Setting the Price Proxy Priority

Use the priority_id parameter to specify a priority order for each Price Proxy in the system. The proxy with the higher priority takes precedence over the proxy with the lower priority.

To set the price update mode:

  1. On each mapped TT Gateway, open the priceproxy.ini file (located in <root drive>:ttconfig).
  2. Locate the priority_id parameter set the priority as needed (0 to 2147483647). The default priority is 0.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Repeat this procedure for each mapped TT Gateway.