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Market Price Feed Documentation

Test the System Configuration


After installing all necessary software packages and upgrades, disabling and turning off the appropriate servers, and configuring priceproxy.ini, you are ready to test your system.

To perform an effective system test, you must ensure that the machines in your MPF setup can access the relevant exchange(s) for prices, order submission, and fills.


If the TT Gateway(s) and MPF Server are scheduled to run in ttchron.ini and you test the MPF setup outside of the scheduled runtime hours, TTChron immediately shuts them down when you start them. For this reason, TT recommends that you test the MPF setup during normal runtime hours with assistance from your local TAM.

Testing MPF

The procedure below lists the high-level tasks you must perform to successfully test your system.

To test your MPF setup:

  1. Start all mapped TT Gateways and the MPF Server.
  2. Using a version of X_TRADER that supports MPF, log into a mapped TT Gateway.
  3. Download products and contracts and verify that prices update.
  4. Verify that TT_yyyy-mm-dd.log (located in <root drive>:ttlogfiles) displays MPF mapping.

    Example Log Entry Illustrating MPF Mapping

    4.01.2008 14:03:11.168 | X_TRADER App/PROD | 808 | INFO | 00000000 | MPF: CME-D is a proxy for CME

    04.01.2008 14:03:20.059 | X_TRADER App/PROD | 372 | INFO | 00000000 | MPF: CME-D mapped to CME

  5. Submit a market depth request.
  6. Open an MD Trader® window and verify that it receives market depth data.
  7. Submit a trade.
  8. View the resultant fill.

Test Failure

If your system fails to respond in the expected fashion when testing it, verify that the system is properly configured and then retest. If after retesting, the system continues to fail, contact TT support with your priceproxy.ini and ttchron.ini files ready.