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Manual update of Customer Default ‘Connection’ field


Once your Customer Defaults have been copied across to SFE-C, the Connection field within Customer Defaults also needs to be manually updated.

Who What
TTUS Admin Perform the following steps below:
Overall steps:
  • Check whether ‘connection’ is used.
  • If so, update to SFE-C/D.
Step 1: Check whether ‘connection’ is used:
  • In Tt User Setup control panel, click | User Admin | X_TRADER Customer Defaults.
  • Filter ‘Market’ = SFE.
  • Select all with ‘SFE’.
  • Right-click and select ‘Edit’.
  • Click button next to ‘Connection’ field.
  • Select ‘SFE-C’ MGT and click ‘Select’.
  • Click ‘Save’. You should now see ‘SFE-C’ in the 'Conn Gateway' column.