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Migration Documentation

Rebuilding X_TRADER workspaces on the migration weekend


Step 1 - Friday 17th March/Saturday 18th March (after you have stopped trading):

  • Delete all working orders.
  • Open current workspace in X_TRADER.
  • In the control panel, click  File | Save As  and enter new workspace name “new NTP workspace”.
  • Delete all SFE contracts from the Market Grid, close MD Traders, charts, Spread Matrix, Time and Sales, and Alerts Manager.
  • In the control panel, click File | Save to save your workspace.
Note: You do not have to close your Order Book, Fills Window, Position Window, etc. You can now go back to your old workspace, and continue trading.

Step 2 - Saturday 18th March 10:15am - 4pm or Monday 20th morning:

  • Log in to X_TRADER.
  • Go to control panel | File | open workspace | select new NTP workspace.
  • Re-populate your workspace:
    • In the control panel, click File | open > Example NTP workspace
    • From control panel | Window | Market Explorer:  find contracts, drag into Market Grid. Or re-open as MD Trader, charts,  Spread Matrix, Time and Sales, and Alerts Manager.
  • Update your order defaults:  
    • In the control panel, click Settings | Order Defaults  and update ‘Product’ field from SFE SFE XX to SFE XX.
    • Change any MLM order type to Limit.
    • Update 'OrderGW Alias' from SFE to SFE-C if required. 
  • Rebuild your Autospreaders:
    • In the control panel, click Window | Autospreader  to open the  Autospreader configuration page.
    • In the Contract field, update to new contracts.
    • Save and add into any Market Grid or open MD Traders as necessary.
      • Rebuild Algos (do one of the following):
        • From control panel | Window | ADL Design Lab, update any ‘static’ instrument blocks to new contracts, save and re-deploy algo.
        • From control panel | Window | ADL Dashboard, update variable to read the new contract.
      • Reset your Excel RTD links:
        • Right-click | Links | RTD and paste into Excel.
      • Re-submit any GTC, GTD or Synthetic SE orders.
  Other things I need to do:  
    • If you want to trade new bank bill butterfly contracts,  ask your Risk Administrator to set risk limits for IR Spreads.