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Migration Documentation

Planning a Euronext Optiq OEG Migration

Before You Begin

Use this document to plan a migration of users of NYSE Liffe Gateways due to the Euronext Optiq order entry API upgrade. Euronext will not migrate any orders to the new system. 

TT recommends that by close of market on Friday, November 22, traders cancel all working orders, including GTC, GTD, and GTDate orders entered for Euronext products, as any remaining SSE orders will become unmanaged after the upgrade. For TT User Setup changes, please refer to “How do I migrate traders in TT User Setup?”.

What are the major changes introduced by the API upgrade?

All exchange documentation may be found on the Euronext Customer Portal:


Helpful Exchange Documents:

From the exchange:

“The Euronext Optiq Order Entry Gateway (OEG) provides high-speed and real-time connection to the Euronext markets. The system offers predictability, ultra-low latency, Cash & Derivatives message harmonization, high availability, a reliable network solution, and a high level of scalability.”

High level features include:

  • New credentials, called Logical Access
  • New connectivity model
  • Market Data channel changes
  • New Wholesale order framework
  • Support for exchange generated implieds
  • Self Match Prevention
  • And more...

When should I migrate?

NYSE Liffe will conduct the Optiq OEG API upgrade in production on November 25, 2019

What testing is required by the exchange, and what are the required test dates?

Euronext will move forward with Phase 3 of its Optiq OEG API upgrade on November 25, 2019. Dates for testing as follows:

  • Saturday, October 19, hours TBD
  • Saturday, November 9, hours TBD
  • Saturday, November 23 (Upgrade Weekend)
  • Monday, November 25, PROD

The mandatory Dress Rehearsals will take place before Go Live, allowing customers to test the target Production implementation of OEG and MDG for Derivatives markets in advance. 

Customers will not be authorised to take part in the Dress Rehearsal week-end unless they have:

  1. Validated their conformance test - TT to complete for TTNET
  2. Confirmed Telnet connectivity to Production - TT to complete for TTNET
  3. Ordered their OE Sessions for Production. - Customer must work with exchange

The scope of the tests are the following: 

  • Optiq Order Entry and Market Data Phase 3 for Derivatives markets 
  • The schedule and scope of Dress Rehearsals will be communicated at a later date in a dedicated document

How do I prepare my TT Trading Environment?

Can I upgrade an existing NYSE Liffe Gateway?

No. A clean install, or uninstall/reinstall is required.

What version of the NYSE Liffe Gateway should I use?

All users should migrate to NYSE Liffe Gateway 7.18.40, Which will be made available for testing in simulation in October, as well as for the Dress Rehearsals in Production.

This version CANNOT be used for production trading until the API upgrade on November 25.

For information on installing and configuring a NYSE Liffe Gateway, refer to the NYSE Liffe Gateway System Administration online help.

What are the minimum supported versions of TT Client applications?

Customers who utilize Wholesale order functionality must upgrade to X_TRADER 7.18.89 prior to November 25.

No additional client applications are expected to have version dependencies. Trading Technologies will notify customers, as well as update this document, should any additional dependencies be determined.

What is the Licensing and Billing Impact?

Can I reuse my current NYSE Liffe Gateway licenses?

Customers will be provided with the appropriate free gateway license(s) for use during conformance and exchange testing prior to the launch of the new API. Test license(s) must be requested by customers via the normal process, and they must also request a cancellation of test license(s) prior to the launch in order to avoid being billed.

For a description of TT licensing, refer to TT Gateway Architecture System Administration.

Canceling NYSE Liffe Licenses

During the conformance testing period, TT is offering customers NYSE Liffe Gateway licenses for temporary gateways used for conformance purposes free of charge. These licenses will become billable once the exchange goes live on the Optiq OEG API. Customers must submit license cancellations via the TT Website for TT NYSE Liffe Gateways that are no longer in use following the migration. TT will not automatically cancel any licenses.

Billing Server Impact

There is no impact on the TT Transaction Billing Server. After the migration, fills and billing packets will continue to be recorded and transferred daily to the TT Licensing Department Accounting and Billing System and will contain the Exchange ID of the newly installed NYSE Liffe Gateway.

The TT Licensing and Accounting Department will be notified by your TAM that the new gateway is installed and the exchange IDs have changed.

Migration Checklists


The following checklists show the chronological steps for a successful migration to the NYSE Liffe Gateway. 

Migration Checklist

You should complete the items below to prepare for migrating gateways. 

CheckMigration TaskProcedure

Obtain required TT Software licensesObtain new NYSE Liffe Gateway licenses for each new or upgraded gateway. Refer to What is the Licensing and Billing Impact?.

Upgrade all client applicationsCustomers who utilize Wholesale order functionality must upgrade to X_TRADER 7.18.89 prior to November 25.

Prepare X_TRADER® for migrationTraders must cancel all working orders, including GTC, GTD, and GTDate orders entered for NYSE Liffe products, as any remaining SSE orders will become unmanaged after the upgrade.Remove start-up setting for the workspace that includes NYSE Liffe products, and create new workspaces after upgrade.Refer to What is the X_TRADER® Impact?

Prepare X_TRADER® plug-ins for use with the NYSE Liffe GatewayRefer to What is the impact to X_TRADER® Plug-ins?

Prepare trader logins for migrationConfigure gateway login and Product Limits as needed. Update Customer Defaults. Refer to How Do I Migrate Traders in TT User Setup?

Prepare trader positionsIf enabled on the current gateway, make sure the Auto-Calculate-SOD functionality on the new NYSE Liffe Gateway is enabled. Publish the position via X_RISK as necessary.
Refer to Will SODs be carried over to do I have to publish via X_RISK?

Prepare FIX Adapter for migrationUpdate your FIX Client with the changes.
Note: TT recommends that FIX clients connect to the new NYSE Liffe Gateway 7.18.40 in DDE to do their own integration testing. DDE is available during the same time the SIM environment is up and available.
Refer to How does this migration impact existing FIX Adapter users?

Prepare X_RISK for use with the NYSE Liffe GatewayAdd NYSE Liffe Gateway loginsUpdate the Historical Fill Server database. Refer to What is the X_RISK Impact?

Migrate the existing gateway to a NYSE Liffe GatewayRefer to What is the TT Gateway Impact?

Check ADL templatesRefer to What is the impact to Algo Design Lab (ADL)?

Reconfigure any Strategy EnginesRefer to What is the impact to Strategy Engines (SEs) connected to the new NYSE Liffe Gateway?