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MX Gateway Documentation

Configuring the Price Server Connection 7.18


The Price Server is configured by default to connect to the exchange’s HSVF Market Data interface IP addresses at startup. If you do not want to connect to a specific HSVF feed, you can comment-out the corresponding MulticastGroup parameter in the [PriceServer] section of hostinfo.cfg.

For MX Gateways, users must populate the hostinfo.cfg file the exchange-provided connection information as listed in the section below.

Example Hostinfo.cfg [PriceServer] section





Price Server Parameters

The following table describes the [PriceServer] parameters:

[PriceServer] section parameters




This is the section heading.



Sets the name for each multicast group the MX Gateway subscribes to. The MX Gateway installs with the correct values listed for the MulticastGroup parameters and do not require an additional configuration.

This value matches the channel section header in the MuticastGroups.cfg file.


Sets the IP address for a dedicated network interface card (NIC) in trading environments that utilize multiple NICs.

In addition, you may assign a separate NIC for each price feed by using the NetworkInterfaceA and NetworkInterfaceB parameters.


Allows faster recovery if there is an intraday restart.

To enable this functionality on the Price Server, set allowpartialrecovery=Y. By default, this parameter is not present and the gateway performs a full recovery when there is an intraday restart.