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MX Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section lists order types supported by the MX Gateway. For a list of order types supported by X_TRADER®, refer to the X_TRADER® User Manual.


The following table lists the various order types that a user can submit through the Montreal Exchange.

Supported Order Types
SupportOrder Types

Native (Exchange supports)



Stop Limit

Market to Limit

Good til Date (GTDate)

Good til Day (GTD)

Good til Cancel (GTC)

Immediate or Cancel (IOC)

Limit on Open (LOO)

Market on Open (MOO)

Minimum Volume

Disclosed Quantity (Iceberg)

  • Order type availability varies per product.
  • Because the exchange does not explicitly support FOK, the MX Gateway supports this as an IOC with minimum quantity set using the order quantity.
  • Cross trades are supported.
  • The Exchange only supports Stop orders on SXF and SXM contracts.
  • Market to Limit orders appear as Market orders in X_TRADER®.
  • The exchange does not support Market on Open for interest rate derivatives. Users may continue to submit Market on Open orders for index derivatives.