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MX Gateway Documentation

Trader and Firm Identification

Exchange Credentials

MX “Approved Participant” status needs to be granted by the Exchange. This includes becoming a member of the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation or having a clearing agreement with one of its members.

Contact MX to obtain the following exchange credentials -- you must obtain one set of connection information for each Order Router or customer membership that uses the MX Gateway:

  • One SAIL user ID (i.e., MX username) per order routing session
  • Password
  • Exchange IP Address
  • Exchange port
  • One or more Trader IDs for the SOLA® platform

TT Direct Trader IDs

TT Direct Trader IDs on MX Gateways use the Member-Group-Trader (MGT) format MemberIdGroupIdTraderId, where:

  • MemberId is defined by the firm.
  • GroupId is the group ID provided by the firm.
  • TraderId is the exchange-provided Trader ID.

TTORD Trader IDs

The following list describes TTORD trader IDs on the gateway.

  • MX Gateways supports TTORDs.
  • You can map multiple TTORDs to one direct exchange trader.

Each TTORD ID that connects to and trades on the Exchange must use a unique clearing account.

You must complete the following fields in TT User Setup to map a TTORD proxy trader to a direct trader:

  • Exchange: The TT Gateway exchange-flavor (e.g., MX-A).
  • Member: An up to 7-character value defined by the user
  • Group: A three-character value defined by the user.
  • Trader: A multi-character value provided by MX (i.e., up to 11 characters in TT User Setup or Guardian).

FFT2 and FFT3 Fields

Traders can use the FFT2 and FFT3 fields for account management. FFT2 field is mapped to the 'Memo' field in the exchange SAIL API and sent to the exchange as part of all order messages.The MX Gateway does not require FFT3 for order routing and its value is not sent to the exchange.

Exchange API Field Mapping

The MX Gateway maps the account data in the Account# and Account Type fields in X_TRADER® to the following SAIL protocol messages sent to the exchange.

MX Exchange Field Mapping


Sent to Exchange as SAIL Message...


Mandatory for Order Routing?


Clearing Data

12-character account identifier


Account Type

Account Type

MX Gateways support the following values:

  • A1-A3: Agent
  • P1-P3: Principal
  • M1-M3: Market Maker
  • U1-U3: Unknown

To see what exchange Account Code values the gateway sends based on these Account Types, refer to Account Code Mapping.




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