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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

Clearing Environment Impact


The exchange provides two separate clearing environments; one for Financials and one for Equities. The following provides a brief overview of how the multiple clearing environments affect the configuration and behavior of your TT Trading Environment.

ITM Enabling

Users may require a minimum of two separate ITMs, one enabled for Equities and the other enabled to trade Financials.

Order Routing

Order Sessions in the TT Gateway rely on the ITM to connect to the exchange. Since Liffe may enable ITMs for each clearing environment, connecting to both environments may require a minimum of two ITMs and two configured Order Sessions. In addition, Liffe may limit ITM usage by exchange.

To connect to a particular clearing environment, users must configure an Order Session with the following parameters:

  • SenderCompID: Must equal an ITM the exchange has enabled for the environment.
  • Environment: Set this equal to the environment enabled for the ITM listed in this Order Session's SenderCompID parameter. Set Environment=FIN for Financials and Environment=EQT for Equities.
  • Exchanges: Set this equal to the exchanges enabled for the ITM listed in the [ExchangeCodeMappings] section in the hostinfo.cfg file.
  • Member: Sets the TT Member ID which routes through this session.

To route orders along a particular Order Session, you must set the Member parameter in that order session equal to the TT Member ID portion of the direct trader's Member, Group, Trader (MGT) login. All orders entered by traders that share a Member ID will route through the Order Sessions that contain the Member ID as the Member parameter.

Since the exchange may require a separate Order Session for Financials and Equities, you may add the same Member value to two separate Order Sessions. However, you must use the Environment parameter to verify that each session points to a different environment.


This allows traders to route orders through the same Order Sessions however, traders must login with the same Member and Group ID to share order books in X_TRADER.

Order Book Sharing

TT uses the Member and Group portions of the direct trader Member, Group, Trader ID to determine which traders share order books. Traders who login with the same Member and Group ID will share order books in X_TRADER.

Persistent Orders

The clearing environments begin at separate times during the trading day. The Financials environment becomes available earlier than the Equities environment which starts up later in the trading day.

Following the start of the trading day, persistent orders (e.g., GTC, GTDate) for Equities appear as Working in the X_TRADER order book. However, the gateway rejects any attempt to modify those orders until the environment reopens.

To reflect this, the gateway logs one Warning message for the first attempt to connect an Equities order session. Subsequent attempts are logged as Info messages.