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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

TT Trading System Compatibility

The table below lists all required and/or recommended minimum versions of client applications to facilitate trading on Liffe:

Recommended Client Applications

Recommended Versions

Additional Information

X_TRADER 7.8.1

To utilize all available exchange functionality, TT Gateways require X_TRADER Version 7.8.1 or higher. This version of X_TRADER includes the following Liffe specific enhancements:

  • Support for generating implied prices for Liffe products.
  • IndSettle column to display all Liffe settlement price types.

TT has tested and approved X_TRADER 7.7.0 to provide limited trading functionality. This represents the minimum version to support implied prices on the TT Gateway.


X_TRADER Pro 7.8.2 and TT Synthetic Strategy Engine (SSE) 7.1.0 required to support trading Stop Orders.

XTAPI 7.5.2 or higher

XTAPI 7.5.2 provides basic support for TT Gateways. XTAPI 7.6.2 and higher contain an enhancement that supports indicative settlements.

X_RISK 7.4.4 or higher

TT is currently developing a version of X_RISK that supports indicative settlements.

FIX Adapter 7.5.8 or higher

TT is currently developing a version of FIX Adapter that supports indicative settlements.

X_STUDY 7.5.0 or higher

Currently, X_STUDY does not support indicative settlements.


X_STUDY users must manually update the x_study.exe.config file for Liffe Fill indicators to display properly.

FMDS 7.4.5 or higher

FMDS does not support settlement prices

Back Office Bridge 3.2.0 or higher

TT Gateways also support the Auto-Calculate-SOD functionality for managing trader positions.

Autospreader® SE (ASE) 7.1.2 or higher

Previous versions are not compatible.

TT User Setup 7.3.1 or higher

Price Proxy 7.14 or higher

Trade Tracker 1.7.5 or higher

Additional X_STUDY Impact

Users must upgrade to X_STUDY version 7.5.0 or higher. Following the upgrade, perform the following to enable X_STUDY to work with Liffe Fill Indicators.

To configure X_STUDY for use with the TT Gateway:

  1. Use a text editor, such as Notepad, to open the X_STUDY.exe.config file.This file is located in the <root drive>:ttx_study directory.
  2. Under the <appSettings> section, add the following value to provide the correct exchange fill and daylight saving time offsets for Liffe:

    <add key="NYSE_Liffe" value="0,60" />

  3. Save and exit the X_STUDY.exe.config file.

TT recommends verifying these changes following any X_TRADER upgrade.