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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

Uniquely Identifying Traders


TT Gateways Version 7.15.2 and higher contain an enhancement which uses an existing trader login to uniquely identify each trader at the exchange and through to the clearing firm.

The TT Gateway forwards the trader’s unique identifier via the SecondaryClOrdID field in the exchange’s API. This field is similar to the szTraderCardRef (Trader Card Reference) in the LIFFE CONNECT API.

The SecondaryClOrdID is paired with each new order; appears in fill responses and order reject messages from the exchange; and forwarded through to the clearing firm as FIX Tag 526.

Determining the Unique Trader Reference

When a trader submits a new order or modifies/deletes an order, the TT Gateway uses the hierarchy listed below to determine which value uniquely identifies that trader.

  • SenderSubID value as populated by FIX Adapter or the X_TRADER API
  • Username as configured in TT User Setup
  • TTORD Trader ID
  • Direct Trader ID

For example, if SenderSubID is not present but the trader has a Username configured in TT User Setup, the gateway forwards the Username in the SecondaryClOrdID field in the exchange’s API.


The SecondaryClOrdId field may contain any alphanumeric value up to 16 characters in length. Users should adhere to this limitation when creating trader IDs.