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OSE Gateway Documentation

Preparing to Install

Customer Tasks

Before trading at OSE, individuals must obtain a OSE Membership. OSE offers two membership categories:

  • Clearing Member
  • Trading Member

Obtain the following unique connection information for both the Price and Order Server.

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Network Gateway IP Address
  • Network Gateway Port Number

Based on Gateway design, OSE Gateways will only require one TTF ID (Terminal User ID) and one TTP ID (Highly-Frequent Market Information User ID) to run the Gateway. However, TT highly recommends customers have one or more TTO IDs (Trading User or High-Frequent Trading IDs) for order routing.

When configuring their environment, customers should consider the following:

  • Only four Highly-Frequent Market Information Users are allowed per set of Dedicated Network Gateways
  • Total Transactions Per Second through one pair of Network Gateways may not exceed 1,800.

Installer Tasks

As the installer, you must perform the following tasks before installing the OSE:

  • If you have TT products of Version 7.X already installed on the network, you must obtain the aconfig.xml file from one of the machines that hosts the 7.X software. This can be from any 7.X machine on your network.
  • Obtain from the customer all connection information for use with the OSE.