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OSE Gateway Documentation

Exchange API Text Fields


This section lists the Exchange API fields and broadcasts to which OSE Gateways subscribe.


Verify with the Exchange that your Network Gateway is set up to receive all relevant messages. The Gateway will not operate correctly if it does not receive required messages.

API Text Fields

TT OSE Gateways subscribe to the following API text fields:

API Field Descriptions




Holds FFT3 information. Optional for most orders but is mandatory for Give Up orders.


Holds account information.


Holds clearing account information.


Holds Give Up information. The Carrying Participant Code should be entered in this field.

Exchange Broadcasts

OSE Gateways subscribe to the following Exchange broadcasts: OSE Gateways subscribe to the following Exchange broadcasts:

TTF Messages

TTF Message


BD1: Matching Engine Trade

Yes; Required for fills processing and Time and Sales entry

BD6: Dedicated Trade Information

Yes; Required for fills processing

BO2: Order Book Changes

Yes; Required for price updates and order depth

BD2: Edited Price Information

Yes; Required for updating Open, Close, High, Low, Last Traded Price, and Last Traded Quantity data

BI19: Price Information Heartbeat

Yes; Required for heartbeating

BI41: Instrument Status Information

Yes; Required for trading state change updates

BO10: Equilibrium Price Update

Yes; Required for processing Equilibrium Price

BI7: Signal Information Ready

Yes; Required for processing Settlement Price

BO5: Firm Order Book

Yes; Required for processing order receipt, correction, cancellation, execution results, and expiration

BO41: Dedicated Stop Order Change

Yes; Required for processing Stop Order triggering

BU124: Instrument Series Update

Yes; Required to acquire new series or changed series information