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OSE Gateway Documentation

Exchange Restrictions

Trader Limitations

The Exchange does not impose a limit on the number of traders that can connect; however, due to the transaction limits, TT recommends working with your TAM to load balance your Gateways.

Based on Gateway design, OSE Gateways will only require one TTF ID (Terminal User ID) and one TTP ID (Highly-Frequent Market Information User ID) to run the Gateway. However, TT highly recommends customers have one or more TTO IDs (Trading User or Highly-Frequent Trading IDs) for order routing.

Customer Considerations

When configuring their environment, customers should consider the following:

  • Only four Highly-Frequent Market Information Users are allowed per set of Dedicated Network Gateways.
  • Total Transactions Per Second through one pair of Network Gateways may not exceed 1,800.