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OSE Gateway Documentation

Trader and Firm Identification

Obtaining Exchange Credentials/Membership

Before trading at OSE, individuals must obtain an OSE Membership. OSE offers the following membership categories:

  • Clearing Member
  • Trading Member

TT Direct Trader IDs

You can determine and set up any Member ID, Group ID, and Trader ID you like.

You must complete the following fields in Guardian to map a TTORD proxy trader to a direct trader:

  • Exchange: The TT Gateway Exchange-Flavor (e.g., OSE-A).
  • Member: Identifies the client’s Member login.
  • Group: A three-digit variable defined by the firm.
  • Trader: A multi-digit variable defined by the firm.

TTORD Trader IDs

The following lists how OSE Gateways use TTORD trader IDs.

  • OSE Gateways support TTORDs.
  • You can map multiple TTORDs to one direct Exchange trader.

Each TTORD ID used to connect to and trade on the Exchange must use a unique clearing account.

API Fields

By default, OSE uses the FFT3 field to populate the customer_info_s API field. This field is optional when entering most orders; however, for Give Up orders, the Customer Identification Number must be entered.

The FFT2 field populates the exchange_info_s API field and is used to enter Account Type information for back-office reconciliation.

By default, OSE use the Account field to populate the ex_client_s API field.

X_TRADER® Fields

The following table shows X_TRADER® fields mapped to OM API fields:

Customer Default OMAPI Description Mandatory for Order Routing
Trader Account in TT system Yes
FFT2 exchange_info_s: "TTOR" + text specified in FFT2
Free Text 
Give up account reference Give Up: Yes Non-Give Up: No
Account type
A1-A3, Agency; P1-P3, House; G1, Give Up Agency; G2, Give Up House
Not sent to the Exchange Note: Account types are configurable in hostinfo.cfg. No
"OX." + Give Up ID For Give Up orders only