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OSE Gateway Documentation

TT Trading System Compatibility


At a minimum, OSE Gateways must connect to TT applications that support PFX prices. In addition, certain exchange functionality is only supported in the versions of TT applications listed below.

Client Applications

OSE Gateways operate in PFX-mode only. As a result, all TT Trading Applications that receive prices from this Gateway must meet the minimum version requirements listed below:

Recommended Client Applications

Recommended Versions

Additional Information

X_TRADER 7.8.4

To support the following functionality, X_TRADER® 7.9.0 is required:

  • Ability to see the Transaction Number associated with an Exchange fill. The Trans ID field in the X_TRADER® Fill window is blank in versions below X_TRADER® 7.9.0.
  • Ability to see the Index Product Type icon. Versions below X_TRADER® 7.9.0 will display the Futures Product Type icon for the Index Product type. X_TRADER® 7.9.0 is also required to display the intended contract name format for the Index Products. Please note that Index Products are used for price-viewing purposes and are not tradeable.

FIX Adapter 7.6.1 or higher

This version includes the OSE bias’ in FACT so that timestamps are denoted correctly. Also, FIX Adapter 7.6.1 is required to process the Clearing Date - TradeDate (75) and Transaction Number - SecondaryExecId (10527) data associated with exchange Fills.

X_TRADER API 7.6.4 or higher

X_RISK 7.5.0 or higher

X_STUDY 7.5.0 or higher

FMDS 7.5.0 or higher

Back Office Bridge 3.2.4 and higher support OSE Gateways without any additional configuration. To support OSE Gateways with an older version of Back Office Bridge, users must obtain and replace their posconfig2.cfg file with an updated version.

For the OSE Gateway, the correct Capture and Publish times are as follows:

Back Office Bridge Capture/Publish Times

Standard - Weekdays

Daylight Savings - Weekdays

Standard - Weekends

Daylight Savings - Weekends


12:58 am

1:58 am

12:25 pm

1:25 pm


1:02 am

2:02 am

4:35 pm

5:35 pm


All times in Central Standard (Chicago) Time