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Product Tables Documentation

Product Table Overview

Product Table Description

Product tables are TT Gateway-specific and store lists of products and their characteristics such as tick denominator and numerator, product symbol and type, and margin requirements. TT Gateways supply product table files to connected client machines. By storing product tables on the local machine, Guardian can immediately access product information whenever a TT client application needs to interact with it.

This chapter describes:

  • Reduced Ticking Behavior
  • The Product Table file structure and contents
  • Product Table generation
  • Loading Product Tables
  • Customizing Product Tables
  • Replicating Product Tables

Reduced Ticking

Occasionally, an exchange may reduce the tick value for a particular product. This causes fills at prices which would otherwise be off-tick. To display all valid fill prices for products with reduced ticking, TT Gateways multiply the number of ticks when displaying Profit and Loss (P/L) values.

For example, if a product originally ticks in five unit increments, the difference between 250 and 255 equal one tick. Reducing the tick level to one unit causes the difference between 250 and 255 to equal a total of five ticks. Gaining one tick before reduced ticking appears as a gain of five ticks after the introduction of reduced ticking.

Editing Product Tables

Sometimes information supplied by the exchange lacks certain product values (such as point values). If this is the case, you can edit the product table to include missing values. However, before editing a product table, contact TT support to see whether TT has an updated product table available.

You can either use Guardian to configure the product table files, or manually edit the product table files themselves. When using Guardian to edit Product Tables, you must log into the TT Trading System using an Admin login.