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SFE Gateway Documentation

Configuring Price Server Connection


TT SFE Gateway 7.18 supports the ASX Market Data Protocol (MDP), which is the high-speed market data service offering provided by ASX. TT SFE Gateway 7.18 does not support FIX Market Data . The Price Server uses multicast to deliver streaming, real time price data.


[PriceServer] Section name  
MulticastGroup=ASX Configures the Price Server to subscribe to the ASX products provided in the MultiCastGroup.cfg files.
Multicastconfig Based on the gateway connectivity type to the exchange, please point the Multicastconfig parameter to the correct multicast file. Only one entry can be enabled at a time.
  • Multicastconfig=MulticastGroups.cfg
  • # Multicastconfig=MulticastGroupsBondi.cfg
  • # Multicastconfig=MulticastGroupsGIC.cfg
  • # Multicastconfig=MulticastGroupsInternetConnections.cfg
NetworkInterface Unless your Primary NIC is in the exchange network, uncomment the applicable line(s) below and fill in the NIC IP address(es): NetworkInterface=x.x.x.x
ReplayId   The user name for the Glance Retransmission Server
ReplayMember   The member ID for the Glance Retransmission Server  
ReplayPassword   The password for the Glance Retransmission Server