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SFE Gateway Documentation

Price Server Files

Price Server Log File

During operation, the Price Server on the SFE Gateway produces a log file specific to ASX. These files record certain messages to and from the ASX API on the SFE Gateway.

By default, TTClean is set to purge all log files (including these SFE files) older than ten days. For details on using this utility, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual Version 7.X.

Price Server Send/Receive File

At startup, the Price Server creates a send/receive logfile named Exchange-Flavor_PriceServer_#_Send-Recv_Date.log in the <root drive>:ttlogfiles directory where:

  • Exchange-Flavor equals the Gateway name chosen at install (e.g., SFE-B)
  • Date equals the four-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day.

Price Server File

To manage market data, SFE Gateways create the Exchange-FlavorPrices.dat file in the <root drive>:ttdatfiles directory where Exchange-Flavor equals the Gateway named chosen at install (e.g., SFE-B).

The Exchange-FlavorPrices.dat file may contain market, instrument, and session information.