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SGX Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section lists the supported order types.

Order Types

The following table lists order types supported by the SGX Gateway. For a list of order types supported by X_TRADER®, refer to the X_TRADER® User Manual.

Supported Order Types


Order Types

Native (Exchange supports)



Limit-On-Open (LOO)

Limit-On-Close (LOC)

Market to Limit

Market-On-Open (MOO)

Market-On-Close (MOC)

Stop Limit

Stop Market

Stop Market to Limit

Immediate or Cancel (IOC)

Fill or Kill (FOK)

Good Till Day (GTD)

Good Till Cancelled (GTC)

If Touched - Market, Limit, and Market to Limit

  • The minimum disclosed quantity for a Hidden Volume order is 20 lots.
  • The Time in Force selected through the client application will be applicable to both order legs (e.g., a GTC Stop Limit order will result in a GTC Stop order that will trigger to a GTC Limit order).
  • Market orders can be FOK or IOC. By default, Market orders will be placed as IOC.
  • Limit and Market to Limit orders can be IOC, FOK, GTD, or GTC.
  • Stop and If Touched orders can be submitted as GTC or GTD.