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SGX_OTC Gateway Documentation

Configuring the Price Server Connection


To create a Price API connection, you must provide connection information in the [Global] section of the hostinfo.cfg file and you must configure the UserId and UserPassword parameters in the [TTP] section of the hostinfo.cfg file.

Section: [TTP]

This section sets the user ID and password for the Price Server. The SGX_OTC Gateway only uses one [TTP] section.

This section contains the following parameters.

[TTP] section parameters




Sets the user ID for the Price Server connection. You can find the value for this parameter in the Price API ID (MFTTXXXYY). For this field, UserId equals XXXYY where XXX is the clearing member code and YY equals the sequence number. This value must be different across each TT SGX Gateway.


Sets the password for the price server connection.

After the API upgrade to SGX Titan, the SGX_OTC Gateway requires a combination of the ITCH and OM price feeds to deliver market data. These feeds are utilized as follows:
  • The ITCH API is used to deliver streaming, real time price data.
  • The OM API requires an OM price ID, similar to previous versions of the SGX_OTC Gateway, which is used to deliver certain reference prices such as Settlement and Open/Close.