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SGX_OTC Gateway Documentation

Single Gateway Failure


When the customer has only one SGX_OTC Gateway, and it fails, all traders’ orders behave as configured with the exchange through the Order API.

Gateway Failure

When setting up their membership with the exchange, clients pre-configure order behavior during a Gateway failure. When a single SGX_OTC Gateway fails during trading hours, the exchange either:

  • Places all orders in an inactive state and deletes them at the end of the trading day
  • Keeps orders working in the market

Clients pre-configure this behavior with the exchange. This configuration occurs independent of the SGX_OTC Gateway. In both cases, traders stop receiving data (prices, fills, order data) from the SGX_OTC Gateway.

Gateway Software Recovery

After a failure, TTChron restarts any components scheduled to be running. After a successful restart of the gateway, the following activities occur:

  • Fills: From the exchange, the SGX_OTC Gateway requests and downloads all successful fills. The SGX_OTC Gateway does not download any fill information that has already been received from the exchange.
  • Orders: Upon reconnect, traders’ can resume trading. The SGX_OTC Gateway downloads all order information from the exchange. The Order Book will be correctly populated: all working orders are displayed as “working;” all inactive orders are displayed as “on hold.”

Gateway Hardware Recovery

SGX_OTC Gateways that have a hardware failure are unable to go back online until the situation is rectified via replacement of the affected components.

When failed hardware is replaced or corrected, and the system is restarted, recovery processes are identical to those listed in Gateway Software Recovery.