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SGX_OTC Gateway Documentation



You can use a SGX_OTC Gateway setup to upgrade an existing installation.

To upgrade your SGX_OTC Gateway:

  1. Run the SGX_OTC Gateway setup on the same machine.

    A verification dialog box displays.

  2. Select Yes to continue with the upgrade.

    When the upgrade completes, the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog box displays.

  3. Select Finish to exit the install. You can update your existing configuration files as described in the Working with Master Files section.

Working with Master Files

To help accurately update your configuration files during upgrades, SGX_OTC Gateways install with the following template “Master” configuration files located in the <root drive>:ttconfig folder:

  • ttchron.ini_master
  • hostinfo.cfg_master
  • ttclean.ini_master

These files contain updated settings and parameters for the upgraded version of the TT Gateway. When upgrading, the SGX_OTC Gateway retains your previous configuration settings. After installing, you can update your configuration files by copying the relevant changes from the Master files to your existing configuration files. This is illustrated in the following procedure:

To update your existing configuration files by using the Master Files as reference:

  1. Open both the existing configuration file and the related Master File.
  2. Copy changes from the Master File and paste into the relevant sections of the original configuration file.
  3. Save your changes and close both files.
  4. You can continue to edit your configuration files as described in the sections below.