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Can one trader use multiple sub-accounts?

Yes. Sub-Accounts can be entered at any time using the FFT3 field in the X_TRADER® Customer Defaults window.

Can one trader define multiple account numbers?

Yes. A trader can specify multiple sub-accounts using the X_TRADER® Customer Defaults window. Then, the trader can choose the sub-accounts via a drop-down menu in the X_TRADER® Order Entry pane without having to type the sub-account each time.

Can two traders share a sub-account number?

Yes. It is possible to configure the trader setup such that X_TRADER® does not enforce any restrictions on the Account # that can be typed in. As a result, if a firm has two traders and two sub-accounts, each trader can use both of the sub accounts at any time.

Can two traders have their position netted together?

Yes. At TOCOM, positions are netted at the sub-account level. The gateway supports two traders using the same Net Sub-Account number. As a result, their positions are netted together at the Exchange.

Can two traders have their positions netted together, but have different account numbers on the TOCOM Gateway?

Yes. Two traders can trade at TOCOM using the same Net Sub-Account, but each trader can be assigned their own account number on the TOCOM Gateway. The account number is sent to the Exchange on all orders for those two traders. This account number is entered in the FFT3 field of the trader's Customer Defaults profile.

Each trader also can be assigned an account number that exists only in the TOCOM Gateway. This account number is typed into the Account number box. When orders for these two traders are sent to the Exchange, both orders are allocated to the same sub-account. However, the account numbers for these traders also are sent to the Exchange as free text. For more information, see Sub-Account Handling.

Can two traders share an order book, but use different sub-accounts?

Yes. Order book sharing functionality on the TOCOM Gateway is determined by the TT Member, Group and Trader IDs. The Administrator can assign two traders the same Member and Group IDs, which results in those traders sharing an order book. At the same time, those two traders can each use different sub-accounts.

How can a trader choose between FIFO settings?

The FIFO setting is sent automatically if a Net Sub-Account is used for order entry. There is no configuration setting to select FIFO