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TOCOM Gateway Documentation

Position Management


Positions can be managed on the TOCOM Gateway using the Back Office Bridge application to read back office system files and publish Detailed Start of Day (DSOD) records. Refer to the Back Office Bridge User Manual for information about installing and configuring this application.

Managing Positions in Net Sub-Accounts

You do not need to modify the back office files before publishing DSODs for a Net Sub-Account. Each Net-Sub Account has a unique account number defined in the X_TRADER® Customer Defaults FFT3 field, and only one aggregated position is tracked in the back office files per Net Sub-Account.

Publishing Detailed Start of Day (DSOD) Records

If there is only one trader who is using a sub-account, the DSODs are published for this trader’s Member, Group, and Trader (MGT) ID. For TTORD or proxy traders, you have to map the TTORD MGT to the registered trader MGT in order to publish DSODs for all traders in the group.

If there are multiple traders using the same sub-account and sharing an order book, the DSODs are published for any trader in that group. The same order and fill book sharing rules apply for DSODs as they would for regular orders and fills; if one trader can view all orders and fills, then all the traders in that group can view them.